Welcome to the world of The Brazilian Hot Waxing Co! Watch ‘FREEDOM’ and get a taste of its amazing lifestyle.

Our beautiful girl is floating after having a full-body hot wax with our ‘secret recipe wax’ and feels free to enjoy London life without compromising her lifestyle. Waxing gives her freedom, and the confidence to face the world outside and reveals the best version of herself. Being summer or winter, the positive attitude a Brazilian Hot Wax Co. brings is always on offer!

Our girl lives a life that is self-designed. She says Yes to things she loves and No to things she doesn’t agree with. She is free to choose what is going to be part of her lifestyle and how she will spend the 24 hours available of her day!

Welcome to a world of flexibility, freedom and high energy. Where it’s always your decision to go or stay. You are the captain of your ship and we are here to help you navigate through turbulent seas. But making sure the reward is the most beautiful sunset.

Have you been to Soho or Bank?

Strategically located in central London, The Brazilian Hot Waxing Co. has two branches to better serve you. A stroll away from Piccadilly Circus tube station you will find our headquarters salon in Soho and if you are around the City of London, we are located only two minutes walk from Cannon Street tube station. We have made waxing easy for you!

Waxing gives her freedom and confidence, to find out more please click here.

See you soon 🙂

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