Becoming a part of TBHWCO’s successful business model will provide you with the expertise and training you need to succeed in a competitive environment.

You will provide a quicker and better quality service for your clients, resulting in good profits and clients returning to your business.

TBHWCO has developed their own wax, only the franchisee has access to these amazing products;your salon will standout.

We will provide dedicated support and help in running your business for your peace of mind. This will allow you more time to focus on client satisfaction.

We welcome interested franchisees from all professional backgrounds, TBHWCO has a strong belief in an individual’s potential.


The total investment in a TBHWCO unit varies according to the structure of the property, renovation to be carried out, type of premises, among other factors. Franchise set up fee is £12.500 excluding VAT+ all the set up expenses like rent, renovations, salesmaterials etc…
Preferably yes, but support is offered from our expert teamif not.
The 8% royalties of the salon gross revenue refers to the use of the TBHWCO brand, constant advice and supervision in the management of operations and periodic training and recycling of professionals + 2%advertising fee of gross revenue for marketing purpose.
The initial franchise agreement is for 10 years and thereafter can be reviewed and renewed.
There are 3 initial TBHWCO trainings: (i) Technical Qualification Training for Therapists (technical preparation and assistance in all TBHWCO protocols); (ii) Reception Customer Service Training (preparation in the management of customer service processes, administrative organization and sales); and (iii) Franchisee Administrative and Management Training (preparation in the administrative, communication, control, financial, legal and personal aspects of a TBHWCO unit).
Yes. The entire TBHWCO unit has an exclusive territory in order to avoid competition between chain franchises.
All TBHWCO franchised units must have the TBHWCO brand identity. However, the salon decor and setting may vary depending on region, population and culture.